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1. How did you become an Illustrator?

I've been drawing my entire childhood, however later I stopped and I switched to biology-chemistry classes. However I've never forgotten who I wanted to be. After high school I decided to choose the University connected to art, but with biology-chemistry profile as well. I started to study landscape architecture. And it was problematic! I loved all artistic subjects, however drawing in very realisttc way was very hard to me! Now when I'm thinking about it - wole my life I knew that I suppose to do something different, something magical which allows me to play with my imagination. I finished my degree and it was the time I knew what I want to do- I want to be a children's book Illustrator! It was the time when I moved accross whole world, from Poland to New Zealand and I starter to draw again :)
2. What's the best thing to draw? 

My favorite things to draw are animals and books with magical themes. It gives me a lot of joy and freedom for my imagination. 

3. How did you get an agent?

After moving to New Zealand and working on my drawings days after days I decided to send an emails to few agencies. I was lucky enough because I already had 3 books I illustrated in my portfolio. After just a couple of days I got an answer from one of them. I joined them and I was an agented artist for around 4 yeras. Just recently I decided that I need a change and resign from their representation. Currently, I’m unagented and researching possibilities for the future..

4. How did you find your style?

I'm still not sure if I have "my style" just yet. I think that after years of drawing you  just start to realise what you like. In my case I love bright, colorful, soft scenes, with magical undertone. As I mentioned earlier I'm specialized in animal illustrations in the nature environment.

5. Do you work digitally?
While I do most of my work digitally using Procreate and Photoshop, sometimmes I create some layers (epecially for texture) in traditional way. I like to work on many layers which unfortunately I can't do in traditional way. Althoug for first almost two years I worked mostly traditionally.

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